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The Challenge Of Change


Act as if What We Propose is True.

When you are prepared to “act as if what we propose is true” it will mean that there will be change in how you approach what you do.

• The degree of change will vary with each individual as will the speed that the change takes place.

• This article has been written to provide information about change that could be beneficial.

• In the therapeutic world there are nearly as many models of change available as there are models of cars. So with change there is plenty of choice as to how you go about it.

Some of you may be faced with quite a major philosophical change whilst others may have been thinking along similar lines for some time so are already on the change track.

Where to Start?

If you haven’t already done so, then some closer examination of your own awareness of you as a person will definitely assist. Give some thought to the following:

• Your values
– What are the most important things to you about your business?
- What things that if you didn’t have wouldn’t make your business satisfying and rewarding?
- What things that if you did have would make your business more satisfying and rewarding?
- Prioritise your values.

• Your beliefs
– Are the things that you believe in things that you developed?
- Are they things that you have adapted from others?
- How do your beliefs support your business?
- How do your beliefs detract from your business?

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