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A Healthy Responsibility

A Healthy Responsibility


One of the questions that science hasn’t satisfactorily answered yet is to what extent does it affect our human health when the genetic balance of plants and animals is manipulated for short term or monetary gain?

You only need to become aware of all the dietary fads and food experts making millions out of our current health status to know that something is changing with our food. Compare the number of children today with disabilities such as global developmental delays or autism and the number with behavioural issues or have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder or similar and compare today’s percentages with those of 40 years ago. We know that some food additives affect children’s health and so we need to ask what affect the way we raise our livestock affects the people who eat meat or drink milk that has been exposed to chemical sprays, hormone growth implants, genetic modification and many food additives used in the processing practices of today.

Having said that, we do recognise that there is a place for the use of some of the artificial production aids that are available for today’s producers and used with care can provide significant benefits to the industry. Unfortunately, some of these aids are promoted as a cheaper, better alternative to the old ways and this is not always the case. We encourage producers to use the tools that nature has provided as the first choice in growing their products and their businesses.

These are the issues that we as a company are addressing. We have every confidence in the industry’s future. However, we recognise the importance of balance in all that we do and there is evidence available for any one perceptive enough to look for it that shows that the trend is towards imbalance rather than balance in the livestock industry today.

The more that we explore the relationships within nature and the impact that human intervention is having on nature’s products, the more evidence that is appearing that increases the necessity that we continue to ask questions about the directions we are taking with our food production today.
Our research has already shown the relationship between tender meat and good quality milk and we are now exploring a number of other possible correlations that we believe make sense within the laws of nature including the perfection of balance in animals.

We present more information on this topic in our book as well.