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How Do You Identify Them? - Visual Traits

What are the Visual Traits?

• The System has identified 19 traits that it believes are the key to producing superior quality animals.

• These traits can be identified visually and kinaesthetically in one way or the other. Most are directly related to the animal’s conformation.

• The only one that cannot be identified in this way is handling ability/temperament and this can be observed by watching the animal during handling.

• All the other traits involve looking and or feeling certain parts of the animal’s body and detecting the difference between the animal you are observing and the ideal animal.

• We believe that one trait is very important in evaluating both for breeding and for meat quality and that is hormonal activity. This trait gives a strong indication of how the animal is functioning internally and will affect such factors as milk quality and efficiency in breeding animals and taste and moisture in meat products.

• The system has combined the linear measuring method of evaluation with some of the identified traits to add subjectivity to these traits.

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