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Why Are They Superior?

THE CLASSIC LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has evolved from a solid base consisting of generations of experience and knowledge in the livestock industry. The system is not the ultimate solution to the production of superior livestock, but is a living, growing system that is part of a wider evolution of advancement for the industry.

For centuries man has been domesticating and breeding animals to assist in sustaining humanity. One of the reasons we, as a species, are still in existence is because of the experience and knowledge that has been passed down through generations about how to manage our livestock in a domesticated environment. This experience and knowledge, until very recent times, has been of a practical, sensory based nature.

During the last century the sciences have become the great motivator and instigator of the fastest changes that we as a human race have ever experienced. Science has opened doors in all areas of our lives that a few years previously we would never have dreamed as possible. In most cases, this explosion of scientific development and technological change has made the world a much more comfortable place to live. Many things that we knew were true but didn’t know why have now been explained and proven by science.

One of the factors that we as a company have considered when developing this evaluation system is that whilst science has a role to play in this industry, it may not have all the answers. We respect the centuries of practical experience that has been behind the development of livestock to this day. So with this in mind, our company have developed this system to combine the best of both worlds.

That means that the first key factor that we have considered is BALANCE.
Much of the practical knowledge that has been passed down over generations has now been scientifically supported.

That is, balance between the objective scientific world and the subjective practical world. Both are of critical importance to the future of this industry and to ignore one or the other is to do so at one’s peril and both need to be respected as equals as pathways to the future are explored. Much of the practical knowledge that has been passed down over generations has now been scientifically supported. Some is still to be researched and maybe there are some things that just don’t have scientifically provable bases. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not important to the industry.

When we achieve balance in our livestock enterprise, then we are well on the way to getting the other key factor that the industry must have and that is CONSISTENCY.

Consistency means the ability to breed animals with the same characteristics within each trait on a repeatable basis. Before this can happen, those traits that are going to give the most desirable outcome need to be identified.

That is what the CLASSIC LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will do for your livestock enterprise. It will select those animals that will achieve this goal and are therefore superior animals in your enterprise.

The system will identify animals that are consistent in all that they produce. Their maternal traits will be to the fore and when this happens they will produce good offspring that will either be great mothers themselves or produce tender, tasty meat products. Selection of animals that score highly in the traits that the system identifies will be superior in what they produce and will do it more efficiently than other animals. The system manual identifies these traits clearly.